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Quantum Holographic HealingTM is how we will experience wellness fifty years from now. We will see the end of allopathic medicine with its endless prescription medicines. And instead, there will finally be the wide-spread acceptance of bioresonance medicine.

Right now, most medical research focuses on chemicals.  And in spite of the trillions of dollars spent on chemical medicines each year, we are a long way from providing real solutions, especially for chronic disorders.

The solutions we are looking for can be easily found utilizing the beauty and effectiveness of Quantum Bioresonance Therapy.

Every particle of matter, every cell, organ, arm and leg, every disease-causing pathogen has a unique energetic frequency signature.  Put another way, your body is continually broadcasting how it is and what it needs moment-by-moment.  You may never again have to spend those wasted hours sitting in a doctor’s office waiting to be seen. I can know instantly from hundreds of miles away anywhere on the planet exactly what you need.

I read energy fields – both yours and the quantum field.  I can match them in a way that is most beneficial for you.  I can tell you – from a distance - what ails you, and I can determine which quantum bioresonance remedies are most beneficial for you.  And I can broadcast those remedies directly to you wherever you may physically be. And the benefits are immediate. Click here to see how a nasty MRSA infection was healed long-distance for a high school English teacher in Wisconsin.

Only one of the many blessings of Quantum Holographic Healing

Step into the Quantum Reality – the smartest decision you will ever make.

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Ever think about what’s behind this physical world? There are numerous explanations, or course. Each culture, each religion, each science has its own take on it. As humans evolve, so does our understanding of what, exactly, is behind this physical world.

There’s been a shift during the past 100 years away from what’s called Newtonian physics  to what we know as quantum physics. Everyone agrees that quantum mechanics does a much better job of explaining what is happening than any other model ever has.

Quantum mechanics is stunningly successful. Not one of its predictions has ever been wrong. The application of quantum mechanics has revolutionized our world. Much of modern technology is based on devices designed with quantum mechanics. One-third of our economy depends on products based on it. Like MRI imaging. Cell phones. Flat-screen TVs.

Quantum theory is the basis for every science from chemistry to biology to cosmology. It explains why the sun shines, how TVs produce images, what makes the grass green. Quantum theory is not something only for physicists; quantum theory is about the here and now.

Now I’m not going to get all technical on you. (Well, maybe just a little.) All we need to explore is the science around holograms and how some say that it’s quantum holograms that actually build this physical world.

We’ve all seen holograms. Here’s one from the first Star Wars movie from back in 1977:

That ghostly image is a projected hologram. It looks 3-dimensional and it is 3-dimensional. With the newest holograms it’s almost impossible to tell the person is not really there. Now over 30 years later, there are companies building holographic teleconferencing devices where individuals in different physical locations around the world can seemingly be in the very same room. Science is imitating nature.

What science is beginning to understand is that all we see can be understood as a projected holographic image. We do, indeed, live in a holographic universe.

If you do a Google search for “holographic universe” you’ll find over 200,000 references.

So what does all this have to do with your health? Simply put, if you’re not looking at the state of your health from the perspective of your Quantum Hologram, then you’re still living in the Dark Ages of leaches, bloodletting, swallowing nostrums and pills. We need to leave that antiquated model behind and step into the modern Quantum World.

This “new” Quantum World is very similar to world-wide authentic Native Wisdom. Native cultures all shared the same sacred secret being “re-discovered” in our understanding of the Quantum Hologram. 

What is a Quantum Hologram?

We are living as 3-dimensional beings imbedded in a holographic universe of infinite dimensions. We are perceivers of the Quantum Universe and receivers of the information radiating from the Quantum Holograph. We live immersed in this frequency field which we decode into our 3-dimensional world. Before anything happens in our 3-dimensional world, the image has to form in the Quantum Hologram. Said another way, if it’s not in the Quantum Hologram then it cannot manifest in this world. Quantum Hologram equals reality.

Your Quantum Hologram is the blueprint that determines and builds your 3-dimensional world. Change the blueprint and you change your world. This is not to be confused with your DNA. Your Quantum Hologram also determines and builds our DNA. The Quantum Hologram is the “sine qua non” – without which nothing – of our universe.

Like tracks on a CD or a DVD, that information gets “played” and you either feel ill or well depending on what’s stored in your Hologram. Quantum Holographic Healing changes your Quantum Hologram by erasing harmful pathogenic information so that it cannot manifest in your body. It is sometimes difficult to comprehend just how deeply into the Quantum Worlds this process goes. Anytime a person receives harmonious frequency information into their Quantum Hologram, their body gets rebooted into knowing what is healthy and what is not.

Can you imagine never carrying a dysfunctional pattern or pain again?

Everyone has a door they wish they could go through. This website is that door. Take your time here. Save it in your favorites. Come back and read its wealth of information. It has all been tested as being 100% true. This very well may be the paradigm shift you’ve been searching for. Blessings on your journey through your Hologram.

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