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15 Freeing Words

Anger & Hate
Fear & Anxiety
Apathy & Despair
Blame & Guilt
Craving & Desire
Grief & Regret
Pride & Scorn
Shame & Humiliation

Each and every one of us carry these negative emotions. They keep our minds racing as we try to fall asleep at night. They interfere with our physical health. Keep us blocked. They’re the cause of the trouble in our relationships with our parents, our children, our ex’s. They manifest as aches-and-pains, insomnia, irritability, excess drinking, addictions, depression, leaving us feeling totally powerless against our negative inclinations. 15 Freeing Words can change that. 15 Freeing Words will help.
15 Freeing Words are 8 affirmations that speak directly to our UN-conscious mind.
15 Freeing Words have the power to release those negative emotions.
15 Freeing Words lifts the burden we UN-consciously carry in our hearts.
15 Freeing Words calms those frenzied thoughts and lets us sleep.
We’ve all been there. We’ve all come up against those issues. And the hard lesson I have learned in my years in therapy is this: although I cannot change my friends and family, I can change myself. I can free myself from all that negativity and in the process I can actually feel better. In clearing just one set of stressful emotions the mind becomes a little quieter.
In the words of one user:
   “I thought I didn’t feel all that bad before. But now I feel way better.”
Here’s how it works:
Of the 8 possible affirmations, each with 15 Freeing Words, there is one affirmation right now that will make you stronger. It’s at the top of the pile, the outer skin of the onion, the one that will bust the door wide open and let in some fresh air. And all you need do is repeat that affirmation in your mind as you are falling asleep at night.
That’s the good news. The bad news is that you have to do it for 30 days. That’s how long it takes our unconscious mind to “change its mind.” The unconscious mind thinks it knows best, but it knows only what it’s been taught. Repeating the 15 Freeing Words for a month is about what it takes to teach it something new.
In 30 days it will be time to use the next affirmation. Those second 15 Freeing Words will make you even stronger. So on the next month until all 8 of the 15 Freeing Words affirmations are used.
It’s kind of nice to have something to say to yourself as you’re falling asleep at night. I actually look forward to it now.

This is what Marj wrote me:
"I wanted to let you know that since I've been saying my 15 words, I'm sleeping better, and I'm able to go back to sleep quickly as I repeat my words. I had been so full of rage for more than 60 years because of the awful things my father did to me. When I started repeating my words during the day and before going to sleep, I noticed right away how my rage was lessening. Thank you so much."  
What we’re seeing with Marj is a transformational process, a total clearing out of all the emotions she’s accumulated in her life. 
The 15 Freeing Words are designed to speak directly to your UN-conscious mind, to release the trapped negative emotions holding you back and allow your positive emotions to shine through.
But the unconscious mind is tricky. It is not easily available to us during our waking day. In the past this might have been a problem, but with the advances in MRIs and brain scans, there is a proven, easy way to influence our rascally UN-conscious mind. There is a window of opportunity to do this just as we are falling asleep.
We can talk to it then and it will listen. When we first start telling it something new it will only half listen. It will take in what we say and compare it to what it already “knows” and thinks is true. We’re going to have to convince it to change its “mind.”  We’re going to have to speak to it every night for a full month before it will effectively change its “mind”  but once changed, it’s changed forever. Once changed, we are effectively free.
This is the technique:
Memorize your affirmation. Keep the card with you during the day so you can say it over and over.

MOST IMPORTANT, repeat it in your mind as you are falling asleep and every time you wake up during the night. This is the step that anchors in the release. This is when your unconscious mind is really listening. Do this every night for 30 nights.
Caution: You are going to want to rush things. Don’t do it. Give this first of the 15 Freeing Words a full month to work. There will be pushing and shoving going on inside your mind as the old UN-conscious tries to stop the new unconscious from being “boss.” So hang in there with this first affirmation. Give it time to work before moving on.
My first card was Craving and Desire, and my second one was Pride and Scorn. And over the months as I slowly worked through all 8 cards, my world took on this ever- increasing lightness and brightness. Life became less and less serious and much more fun. I haven’t felt this free since I was a kid back in Massachusetts playing in that creek that flowed down from the big hill.
And that‘s what we are doing with these 15 Freeing Words: we are turning back the clock to a time before we were damaged by these negative unconscious emotions. We certainly weren’t born with them. They were forced upon us by what was done to our tiny young beings. And now we have a chance to erase that unconscious programming by telling ourselves a nightly bed-time story:

The full set of all 8 cards costs $12.95 (+S&H)

Send me the full set of 8 15 Freeing Words affirmation cards.
There will be a note saying which set of UN-conscious emotions I need to clear first.
After 30 days, I’ll choose the next affirmation myself, and 30 days after that I’ll choose the next, and so forth, until all 8 pairs are clear.
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