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The Cosmic Blueprint

Our energy field determines our health.

Physicists say that the physical body is just one more level of density, the result of a holographic projection that has coalesced out of the interference patterns of our auras.

I can attest to the fact that an illness often appears in the energy field weeks and even months before it appears in the body. This is especially true of cancers. This suggests that the field is more primary than the physical body and functions as a kind of blueprint from which the body gets its structural clues.

Ideas that are prominent in our thoughts quickly appear as images in the energy field. If the energy field is the blueprint that guides and molds the body, then by imaging an illness, even unconsciously, and repeatedly reinforcing its presence in the field, we are in effect programming the body to manifest the illness. The constant repetition of these patterns will be given form in the body. We are "imaging" our illnesses many months before the illnesses manifest in our bodies

Physicist William A. Tiller agrees. "The thoughts that one creates generate patterns at the mind level of nature. So we see that illness, in fact, eventually becomes manifest from the altered mind patterns through the ratchet effect – first at the etheric level and then, ultimately, at the physical level where we see it openly as disease."  Tiller believes the reason illnesses often recur is that medicine currently treats only the physical level. He feels that if doctors could treat the energy field as well, they would bring about longer lasting cures. Until then, many treatments will not be permanent because we have not altered the basic hologram at the mind and spiritual levels.

With a Quantum Holographic Healing Therapy, profound changes will be made in your health hologram. But you have to do your part, too. You have to both consciously and unconsciously genuinely want to let the healing hologram in.

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