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Genetically Modified Foods 

We are not going to die from Swine flu or from Lyme disease. The greatest threat to our lives comes from what we eat. It’s what we do 3 times a day, every day, until we die from affects of the cumulative poisons we voluntarily put in our bodies.

Admittedly, that is a very harsh statement. But it is time we wake up to the fact that we are slowly killing ourselves and slowly killing our children.

"Genetically Modified Foods are one of the most serious threats to health and the environment." Jeffrey Smith, author, Seeds of Deception

Food related illnesses doubled between 1994 and 2001, the span of time that saw the release of genetically modified food products, when food changed from being real food to being manufactured drugs. And since 2001 those food related illnesses have doubled again. We are no longer buying real food at our supermarkets. Instead, we are buying chemicals.  (click for more)

"If a politician or a scientist tells you that there are no dangers in GM foods, he is either very stupid or lying." David Suzuki, geneticist

Inside all GMO foods is an enzyme called the Promoter, which switches on the inserted genes. This promoter might also:

  • Switch on dormant viruses
  • Overproduce allergens, toxins, or carcinogens
  • Promote genetic mutations

GM foods create toxic colons. The healthy bacteria in our guts are our first line of immune defense, as these tiny bacteria protect us from all sorts of problems. Everything from cancer to IBS to allergies and most every disease imaginable is connected to keeping those intestinal bacteria healthy. But there's one problem. Eating one serving of GM foods has been found to change the genetic structure of our healthy bacteria so they now produce concentrated pesticides in our guts for the rest of our lives.  (click for more)


We have found this particularly troubling for women because of their higher estrogen levels, and in anyone who has taken a round of antibiotics.

You are not helpless.

There is something you can do about it.

Quantum Therapy can clear the affects of GM Foods.

(And you must try to avoid them.)


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