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This is what’s called a “Quantum Leap.”   

Cannabidiol – also known as CBD and legal in all 50 States has proven to have analgesic, anti-inflammatory, and anti-anxiety properties without the psychoactive effects (the “high”) that THC provides. There is evidence that the Center for Disease Control - the CDC - has proven the anti-cancer properties of Cannabidiol. CBD also clears glyphosate and the effects of GMO foods.

Whether or not you already consume CBD, what I have to offer will greatly enhance the tremendous benefits your body is already receiving. Whether you smoke it or vape it or swallow CBD oils, you are looking for something to help you.

You can greatly enhance – by a factor of 10 times to almost 20 times – the benefits of CBD, however it is consumed.

You don’t have to consume it to gets its benefits.  Using Quantum Field Techniques, I’ve extracted the energetic code from CBD and downloaded it into vials - including all of its many beneficial aspects.  AND there are no contaminants or toxic substances encoded like there might be from a green leaf product.

These vials carry the high energy Quantum frequencies and signatures of all the good that is in Cannabidiol –the benefits we already know about and the ones yet to be discovered.


Here’s proof:

1.) Because of GMO’s and environmental toxins, the average American Level of Health is only 49. 

2.) With only the CBD vial, the Level of Health is 634, which is quite good.

3.) But add the Enhancement vial and the Level of Health jumps to 11,500

"I just wanted to tell you that I am noticing the benefits already from the High Energy CBD. My skin is much less oily, less inflammation, and back pain is less, more energy. I love it. Thank you."

This is what’s called a “Quantum Leap.”   This is what’s possible with these vials.

Simply email me your photo (yes, it is that simple) and watch your Level of Health climb. I will press the vials against your photo – as I did with the 4 people in the photo below. The vials will maintain a continuous quantum connection to you. Your body will detoxify, your intestines will repopulate with beneficial bacteria, and you will start absorbing only beneficial nutrients again.

If you are ready to experience a Level of Health unknown before this discovery,

Email your photo to me here: edterrapin@aol.com

That space behind that pair of vials is waiting for your photo.

The fee for this service is $49.00.  To pay, click the link below:

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