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I am the Quantum Inquisitor

I read energy fields.... … Not with my eyes, head, nor my intuition.

I read energy fields with my entire being. I get inside the quantum energy field of what I am testing.  Where nothing or no one is separate. Where everything and everyone is both open and free.

I am not a psychic who predicts the future.  So please don’t ask me what’s going to happen. No one can reliably know the future. But I can tell you what did happen. And, indeed, tell you what is.

I can read a person’s life history and find details they’ve either forgotten, want to forget, or don’t know anything about.

I can touch a person’s picture and tell their Level of Health.

I can test anything that is or has happened.  Anything.

I can tell you how many past lives you have lived.

Send me a spot of your blood, your photograph, and I can read it

I can tell you which bacteria is causing your sore throat. And I can clear the bacteria for you.

I can tell you if your bottled water is contaminated with chemicals, if your food is GMO.

It’s all about reading energy fields, about being able to tell the difference between hard facts and invented stories. The hard facts are right there, encoded in its energy fields.

And I Read Energy Fields.

My life’s mission is to help as many people as I can. Thanks to the internet, I have helped over 26,000 so far. I look forward to helping you.

You have arrived here for a reason.  Is there is something here for you?

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