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Lyme Disease 

These controversies surrounding Lyme disease which have prevented many people from being cured:

 1) Diagnosed with the disease, they are only given short-term antibiotic treatment.

 2) Misdiagnosed, they also given short-term antibiotic treatment with no resultant cure.

 3) Insurance companies claim remaining symptoms are "autoimmune" in nature,
     not persistent infection, and stop all further payment.

 4) Why are there no drugs to open the biofilms that bacteria create to resist antibiotic treatments?

 5) Is Lyme disease a biological weapon created in a government lab on Plum Island?

Take a close look at these ten pictures of Lyme infections: Six of them are weaponized bacteria. All ten have antibiotic resistant biofilms.




None of these people will ever be rid of Lyme because their doctors’ drugs can’t open the biofilms protecting the normal bacteria or the biofilms protecting the weaponized bacteria.

My Quantum Holographic Healing Therapy can open and penetrate biofilms so that both the regular Lyme bacteria and the bio-weaponized Lyme bacteria can be and will be cleared. 

Most people who have been treated for Lyme with antibiotics still have it. Physicians who regularly see people with Lyme symptoms say that conventional methods simply don’t work. Thirty days of doxycycline just isn’t going to cure this. Antibiotics can't touch bacteria hidden inside a biofilm. In fact, the bacteria created the biofilm to protect themselves from antibiotics.  Antibiotics don't always work. Quantum Holographic Healing Therapy does. It’s as simple as that. 

Email me your photo: Ed@TerrapinTherapy.com  and I will test if you have Lyme, what pathogens you have, and whether I can clear them for you. Each of these pathogens requires a different therapy.

When I client comes to me with Lyme, these are what I test for:

    • Borrelia burgdorferi
    • Borrelia miyamotoi
    • Weaponized Borrelia
    • Anasplasma phagocytophilium
    • Babesia microti
    • Powassan virus
    • Bordetella
    • Weaponized Bordetella
    • Brucella 
    • Weaponized Brucella
    • Brucellosis
    • Bartonella
    • Negative Samskara
    • Biofilm

There is no guessing.
I will indentify each and every pathogen and tailor your Quantum Holographic Healing Therapy to open the biofilms and clear them all. Antibiotics only work in the bloodstream – that’s like trying to pick off each diseased cell one-at-a-time while the Lyme cells duck and hide.

Quantum Holographic Healing Therapy is like setting off a neutron bomb –and there is no hiding from the QHHT healing bomb. The bomb destroys all your pathogens wherever they are, and all of them, and all at once.

You’ve tried everything else. Why not try this.

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