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Gaia Resonance & Schumann Waves - the hallmark of MRS Therapy

We spend so much time indoors, in the metal cages of our cars, staring at the computer or TV, that we have lost our connection with the earth. The energy of the earth – Gaia Resonance – is unable to reach us and replenish us. Yet we desperately need this energetic exchange with Gaia Earth. 

Way below the level of what our ears can hear, way below the rumble of elephants talking, Gaia is trying to communicate with us. We’ve forgotten how to hear her heartbeat.


Have you ever stepped outside after being cooped up inside all day and felt that sudden rush of "Wow!" Ever wonder why going outside feels so wonderful?


That’s Gaia speaking her welcome. You’ve just had an experience of Schumann Waves.


There is a harmonic relationship between the Earth and our mind/body. Our internal rhythms interact with Gaia’s rhythms, affecting our emotional balance, health, and mental focus. Gaia’s resonant frequencies regulate our bodies' internal clocks, our sleep/dream patterns, arousal patterns and hormonal balance.

  • Gaia Frequencies are the same frequency as our brain waves.

  • Schumann Waves are the dominant brainwave frequency of psychics, sensitives, shamans and healers.

  • Gaia Frequencies feed our chakras.

  • Gaia Frequencies are absolutely essential for our health.   

These natural frequencies are gradually being drowned out. Yet our biological systems are still tuned into that frequency. We must look for ways in which we can tune ourselves back into that frequency. Gaia frequencies might be our only chance of maintaining a healthy immune system. We are frequency-based beings. Everything depends on the right frequency – on Gaia Resonance.


From the beginning of time to about a hundred years ago, most of us lived and worked the land. We were hunters, gatherers, farmers, animal herders. We spent most of our days outdoors. As we walked the land we moved in and through Gaia’s Resonance Frequencies. Anthropologists calculate that we averaged 20 miles a day. Now our feet rarely touch bare ground. When was the last time you spent 10 minutes barefoot on the earth? Walked the surf line on a sandy beach? Camped out under the stars? When was the last time you were out of cell-phone range?


Our pineal glands are affected by these "cultural" changes, as is our hormone production. Melatonin, an important neurotransmitter and cancer suppressing agent, is not produced in the absence of Schumann Waves, neither for astronauts in outer space nor for us in our inner spaces. Because of our modern electronic environment, we are all suffering from chronic Magnetic Deficiency Syndrome, from a lack of Gaia Resonance.

Thanks to what we’ve learned from the experiences of the U.S. astronauts and the Russian cosmonauts, there are man-made, computer-controlled magnetic resonance generators providing beneficial support to millions of people around the world.

Magnets versus Magentic Resonance Stimulation


Magnetic Resonance Stimulation – or MRS – cannot be done with permanent magnets. Permanent magnets do not contain frequency information. They produce a static, steady-state field different than what we experience with Gaia Resonance. A magnet attracts iron and holds it tightly in its grasp. Magnets just statically sit there. MRS Therapy, on the other hand, is a pulsating magnetic field with Waahhh… Waahhh… Waahhh… pulses of dynamic energy closely matching Gaia’s Resonance and frequency. MRS produces pulses from 0.5 to 25 cycles per second, exactly what Gaia produces and the very same frequencies that run our brains.

So forget about permanent magnet therapy unless you want to attract a piece of iron. If you want to strengthen your brains waves and your health, then MRS Therapy is the only way to go.

Magnetic Resonance Stimulation Therapy

MRS Therapy applies a pulsating electromagnetic field that matches the Earth's magnetic field and stimulates our nearly 75 trillion cells into a harmonic resonance with the Earth. Research has proven that low energy pulsating fields within the frequency range of "the biological window" of 3-25 Hz, which includes the Schumann waves of 7.83Hz and Gaia’a magnetic field of 11.79 Hz, can produce remarkable positive changes within the body.

A modern magnetic resonance stimulation system with exactly these parameters has been in use in Europe for about 20 years now. The system also uses an "organ clock" blending natural frequencies with body's rhythms to ensure that all organs receive the most beneficial stimulation.


The Organ Clock: Frequencies and Uses


Morning: 5 am - 10 am:

Beta Frequencies – 12 to 25 Hz: Activates body and mind; fast frequencies necessary for improved cognitive functions such as concentration and memory; excellent for focusing an over-active mind; used before school, work, or sports activities. This setting settles you down so you can work faster and better.


Noonish: 10 am - 3 pm:

Alpha Frequencies – 7 to 12 Hz: Slower frequencies for relaxation without losing the ability to focus; most important frequency to calm down, relieve stress and lessen anger response; cortisol reduction and pain reduction; excellent after lunch to activate parasympathetic nervous system and to give the brain a rest from morning activities; reduces stress as well as fear/panic conditions at work, in the family, and in traffic. It gives that after-lunch boost that we all need.


Night:  8 pm - 5 am:

Delta Frequencies – 0.5 to 4 Hz: Induces deep sleep and increases sleep cycle stability; consciousness completely internalizes; excellent for cell regeneration; and to stimulate deep meditation.

The Sawtooth wave form is the most beneficial


If we were to look at the shape of the therapy wave form on an oscilloscope, it would look like this:

See how the signal builds, relaxes a bit, builds again, relaxes, builds to a peak, then drop, then starts over again. That’s exactly how your body receives Gaia Resonance. It’s those "Waahhh… Waahhh… Waahhh…" pulses you cannot get from permanent magnets. You need pulsed electromagnetic frequencies to do that. I have equipment in my clinic that will do this therapy for you.


Quantum Magnetic Resonance Stimulation Therapy – for USA and Canada only


Like all Quantum Therapies, Quantum MRS Therapy is a non-local therapy done long-distance using a few spots of your blood. (There is no need to be physically here at the clinic.) Because of the differing time zones, I can only offer this therapy for residents of the USA and Canada.


The therapy is administered to you three times a day, at 8 am, noon, and 9 pm. Each therapy last 24 minutes.


The 8 am therapy is the beta frequency therapy. The noon therapy is the alpha frequency therapy.
The 8 pm therapy is the delta frequency therapy. This is Gaia Resonance at her finest. This set of three Quantum MRS Therapies will start your day in the morning, relieve the morning’s stress at noon, and at bedtime relax you into sleep.

I offer these options:

30 days – 90 therapies - 36 hours of Gaia Resonance  - $40.00

6 months – 546 therapies - 218 hours of Gaia Resonance - $189.00

1 full year – 1,092 therapies - 436 hours of Gaia Resonance - $349.00

I will need two spots of your blood. Here is a photo to show you how to do it:

Wipe the tip of a finger – any finger – with a little alcohol and wipe a sharp needle with the alcohol, too. Jab the needle quickly in-and-out of that finger and soak up a bit of the blood on both ends of a Q-tip. You might have to squeeze that finger to get the second drop of blood out. Then wipe your finger again with the alcohol. Now wrap that Q-tip in a small piece of Saran Wrap. That will keep it safe.

Slip the Q-tip wrapped in the Saran wrap inside a regular envelope, mail it to:

Terrapin Therapy
Quantum MRS Therapy

919 Western Meadows Ct NW
Albuquerque, NM 87114

Please choose one of these options:

30 days – 90 therapies - 36 hours of Gaia Resonance - $40.00

6 months – 546 therapies - 218 hours of Gaia Resonance - $189.00

1 full year – 1,092 therapies - 436 hours of Gaia Resonance - $349.00

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