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To Order a MRSA-Clearing Therapy
I will need two spots of your blood for the therapy. (Sorry about the finger stick.) Here is a photo to show you how to do it:

Wipe the tip of a finger – any finger – with a little alcohol and wipe a sharp needle with the alcohol, too. Jab the needle quickly in-and-out of that finger and soak up a bit of the blood on both ends of a Q-tip. You might have to squeeze that finger to get the second drop of blood out.  You should not have to stick your finger again. Then wipe your finger again with the alcohol. Now wrap that Q-tip in a small piece of Saran Wrap. That will keep it safe.

We’ll also need the following form filled out. Copy and paste it into your word processing program – Word or whatever you use. Print it, fill it out, fold it in thirds, slip the Q-tip in the plastic wrap inside, along with a check made out to TERRAPIN THERAPY for $299.00, and mail it to: 

    Terrapin Therapy 
    Quantum MRSA-Clearing  
    919 Western Meadows Ct NW 
    Albuquerque, NM 87114

If you prefer, you can pay with a credit card here:

We will notify you via email when your blood arrives, when we begin therapy, after each therapy, and when the therapy series is complete.

Intake Form (please mail with your blood spots)








Age:         Gender:

Place of birth:

To get the utmost benefit from your therapy, you will need to increase your intake of good, clean water.


Please list all your supplements, over-the counter and prescription drugs.
(take as much space as you need)

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