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Order a Health Profile
Quantum Holographic Health Profile - evaluation and recommendations

Quantum Holographic Health Profile dives deeply into your health hologram evaluating the patterns that govern your day-to-day life. Any out-of-balance and/or interfering patterns will be identified. If you are curious about an allergy, or an asthma-like reaction, or a lack of energy, or chronic diarrhea, or constipation, or weight gain, or other issues you might have, the results of this profile, partnered with your intent, will propel you much further along on your healing journey than you ever thought possible.

For an overview of the 90 markers included in your QHH-Profile, click here.

Because of Quantum Entanglement and Quantum Non-locality, I can read your Quantum Hologram knowing only your name, physical address, and email address. I’ll have that information from your order notice PayPal sends me. You will be uniquely identified in the Universe’s WaveFunction. I will be able to connect with your personal piece of the Field.

You need to know what’s broken before it can be fixed.

I will email your results within three days with recommendations. You can finally begin your healing journey.

A Quantum Holographic Health Profile costs $39.95.
To order and pay click the link below:

FYI: The cost of this Profile is included in the Quantum Holographic Healing Therapy package. If you would prefer to take advantage of this, please click here.

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