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Out of the closet

It’s about time I came “out of the closet” about something.

It’s about my relationship with Extra Terrestrials, about the wealth of information the ET’s have allowed me to see and to use in my therapies.  Most of what I do now comes from what they have taught me.  They have exponentially increased the power and effectiveness of my therapies.  And for this I am eternally grateful. In return, I have done soul retrievals for countless thousands of these beings and have taught many of them how to use my testing device that I call the Quantum Inquisitor.

So it is time to introduce them to you.  The best way I can do this is to ask you to watch a few YouTube videos by a man who has much more contact with them and knowledge about them than I ever will.  His name is Dr. Steven Greer and these videos are excerpts from a briefing he did in Washington, DC, in November of 2014.  

After you’ve watched the videos you will be able to understand the message in this crop circle:

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