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Q & A

“How do you know?” is a question I get asked frequently by new clients.

I tell them, “It’s more a question of: How can I not know. It’s all right there in your hologram.”

In reading energy fields, I use a Quantum Inquisitor.
You can read more and see a demonstration here: http://www.quantuminquisitor.com/


What about past lives?

Looking at all this from the viewpoint of living one single life doesn’t make much sense. Consciousness with a capital “C” is not that wasteful. Why set up such an elaborate universe and be granted such a brief time to play in it? What makes sense is multiple lifetimes.

Your Quantum Hologram contains the record of all your past lives: who you were in them and where you lived. For many people, not all of their past lives were on this planet. For me, my look at my past life history makes much of what is happening in this world look absurd. We may have computers and cell phones and travel into space, but we are savages when it comes to understanding Consciousness and the Universe. Most of the world’s people are so locked into 3-dimensions that when they look up into the heavens they cannot see the spaces between the stars. 

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