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Quantum Enigma

When we look at the broader implications of quantum theory, and its practical application quantum mechanics, it challenges our commonsense understanding of our world. We live in a 3-dimensional world and for most of us, our experiences are all 3-dimensional. Quantum mechanics challenges us to stretch our limited 3-D vision and to follow it down the path to a real and complete understanding of ourselves and our world. Since its inception nearly 100 years ago, quantum mechanics has constantly bumped up against the role consciousness plays in manifesting physical reality. It is precisely this aspect of quantum mechanics that governs the health and well-being of our physical bodies.

Let’s face it: we all need to feel good. If we’re not happy, then no one’s happy. Our health is determined by the content of our quantum hologram. If we optimize our quantum holograms, we optimize our health.

It won’t be easy. Quantum mechanics conflicts violently not only with our beliefs, but also with our scientific worldview which, interestingly enough, was established in the 1600s. We have learned much and discovered much during the past 400 years and yet we somehow remain trapped in medieval times. If you dig deeply enough into natural phenomenon, you hit quantum mechanics. Our society hasn’t, as yet, dug deeply enough into our quantum health holograms. The noted physicist Sir James Jeans is quoted as saying: “The universe begins to look more like a great thought than a great machine.” It is time to stop treating our bodies like 3-dimensional machines.

This is from a March 15, 2004, article in Business week: Developing quantum theory was “the crowning intellectual achievement of the last century,” says California Institute of Technology physicist John Preskill. It’s the underlying principle for many of today’s devices, from lasers to magnetic imaging machines. And these may prove to be just the low-hanging fruit. Many scientists foresee revolutionary technologies based on the truly strange properties of the quantum world.

Quantum Dots and Trojan Wave Packets:

In 2003, the journal Science named “quantum dot” research one of the top scientific breakthroughs of the year. Quantum dots are constructed of a few hundred atoms yet have all the quantum properties of a single atom. Some have been designed to reveal the workings of the nervous system, others to be the ultrasensitive detectors of breast cancer. My research has shown that correctly encoded quantum dots are the carriers of information to the quantum holographic field, and that in turn the Trojan Wave Packets are the causative agents for Quantum Holographic Healing.

Many noted physicists’ concern with quantum mechanics is not that an error will be found in any of its predictions, but that it is not the whole story. Physicist John Bell feels, “It is likely that the new way of seeing things will involve an imaginative leap that will astound us.” Indeed, something beyond ordinary physics awaits.

Let’s take that leap by considering this simple question: “Where do we go when we die?”

Religious beliefs notwithstanding, we can all agree that when we die we experience a change of dimension from this 3-dimensional earth-space to a place of higher vibration. What if that place of higher vibration is the missing piece in quantum mechanics? The leap that John Bell was looking for? Physicists have been reluctant to take quantum mechanics out of the 3-dimensional world for fear of being labeled mystics. But if our physical world includes the inevitable transition from 3-dimensions to a higher dimension, should this not be included in quantum mechanics? And to take it a logical step further, physicists seriously consider the many-worlds interpretation in quantum theory. Why not ponder many-lives?

Reality is much more than what we can see with our eyes and touch with our fingers. Have you ever touched one of your nighttime dreams? The universe is stranger that we once imagined, perhaps stranger than we can imagine.

We can live our lives in one of 2 ways: 
    1.) Not worry about what’s really going on. 
    2.) Realize that our old worldview is fundamentally flawed.

Albert Einstein never wavered in his conviction that there was more to say than what quantum theory – and the physical universe – told.

How about you: Are you satisfied with what’s been told to you by your parents? Your teachers? Your preachers? Your friends?

Bell’s theorem has been called “the most profound discovery in science in the last half of the twentieth century.” Simply put: There is universal connectedness. Objects that have ever interacted continue to instantaneously influence each other, even though no physical force connects them.

Bell’s theorem has been proven by countless experiments. What had supposedly been a mystical question has been answered in laboratories.

Quantum connectedness is more commonly called quantum entanglement. We are forever entangled with our individual Quantum Holograms and with the Universe’s Hologram (what physicists call the Universal Wavefunction). This is a faster-than-light connectedness from which you cannot hide.

Quantum entanglement goes both ways: your Quantum Hologram is entangled with you, and you are entangled with it. Your quantum hologram influences you and you influence it. Changes in your quantum hologram induce changes in you, and changes in you instantaneously change your quantum hologram. You wouldn’t want it any other way.

Physicist John Wheeler has this to say: "There is a strange sense that this is a participatory universe. We are dealing with events that make themselves known and leave an indelible record."

These records change and are thereby held in our Quantum Holograms.

The mystery of consciousness:

One of the mysteries of quantum mechanics is the apparent need of a conscious observer to collapse the quantum wavefunction. In the split photon experiment, the photon exists in two places – Position A and Position B – in a superposition state until a conscious observer looks for it. If he first looks for it in Position A, he will find it in Position A and it will disappear from Position B. On the other hand, if he first looks for it in Position B, he will find it in Position B and it will disappear from Position A. If no one looks for the photon it’s as if it doesn’t exist. Conscious choice itself profoundly affects a physical condition.

Let me repeat that: Conscious choice itself profoundly affects a physical condition. This is as true in the quantum physics laboratory as it is in your quantum hologram.

John Bell tells us that our new way of seeing things will likely astonish us.

We evolved in a world where for centuries we were taught that the earth stood still while the sun circled around us in the heavens. We ridiculed as preposterous and jailed the men who tried to tell us otherwise. Earth’s inhabitants have evolved now to a place where we can finally hear nature trying to tell us something about the way things are. I think it’s about time we listened.

Although our bodies are 3-dimensional, our consciousness is not. You won’t find our consciousness in our brains. Step away from the belief that our brains are the centers around which the rest of the universe revolves. Open up those prison doors. Let infinity in.

We live in a 3-dimensional world and for many of us, that’s all we know. Or is it? How many of us dream at night? We all do, don’t we. We can even watch our sleeping dog’s legs moving as if she’s running after a rabbit and we see her tail wag when she catches it.

Our dreams are as real as our everyday events, and yet we all know there is a difference. The difference is one of dimensionality. Our everyday life happens in 3-dimensions; our dreams come from a place of 5-dimensions. They are not happening in our heads.

MRIs taken of dreaming people show areas of the sleeping brain that “light up” when dreaming. It’s easy to jump to the conclusion that our brains are the source of those dreams. There is another possible conclusion: Our brains are the receivers of the dream data being downloaded from the 5th dimension. The brain turns on while it’s storing that data stream in our frontal cortex, just like our computers have to be on to watch a YouTube.

So who is watching the dream? Various names have been given to the Watcher. A few of them are higher self, expanded self, soul self, true self. Those and dozens more other names all refer to consciousness. It is our consciousness that uses the five senses of the body plus the ego’s reactions to those sensory inputs and memories to experience the workings of the 3-dimensional world. It’s a 2-way street. The higher dimensions download information to us and in turn tap into us for our reactions. But it’s all us. Consciousness is who we truly are. And our consciousness is truly multi-dimensional.

Other dimensions:

Quantum physicists won’t say this out loud, but they have proven the existence of other dimensions by proving quantum entanglement.

Einstein’s theories say that nothing in the physical universe can travel faster than the speed of light. And yet information is instantly transmitted across billions of light years to atoms in the physical universe. How can that be? 

Quantum entanglement happens in the 15th dimension and the information is downloaded into the 3rd-dimension.

Dreams happen in the 5th dimension and the information is downloaded into the 3rd.

Our Quantum Hologram happens in the 998th dimension.

Our consciousness resides in the 999th.

The Matrika Shakti (more on that later) happens at infinite dimensions minus 2.

The Universe's Wavefunction is located in infinite dimensions minus 1.

Quantum non-locality also happens in infinite dimensions minus 1.

The Zero Point Field is at infinite dimensions.

And Consciousness with a capital “C” lies beyond all dimensions. Everything is downloaded from there. (Actually, there is no “there”. More on that later.)

A graphic representation of Dimensionality:

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