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Quantum Hologram

You’ve seen how the Universe works in all its dimensionality. Now let’s take a very close look at an individual Quantum Hologram.

Your Quantum Hologram is a record of who you are and who you were. It’s your credentials, your resume, and your rap sheet. It’s your credit report, your good-karma bank balance and what you still owe. It’s your X-rays, your MRIs, your mammograms, your prostate exams, your colonoscopies. It’s your blood tests, your urine tests, and a record of what you have eaten. It shows the chemical toxins in your body, the mercury and lead, the good and bad bacteria in your digestive system, the level of vitamins circulating in your blood. It shows whether you are open to healing, and if not, what’s the emotional block.

Your Quantum Hologram is made up of what is and what should be. The difference shows up as a messy interference in your quantum wavefunction. Whether the current pattern is a healthy pattern or an unhealthy pattern, that pattern gets projected out into your physical body. And the pattern is repeated and repeated and repeated. Your Quantum Hologram is like the background music playing as you live your life.

If you do have a problem, Quantum Holographic Healing™ resets your Quantum Hologram. It erases all the unhealthy information, reinforces your hologram with what should be there. All messy interference is removed so that only healthy information is downloaded into your 3-dimensional body. And now you can rest easy without having to fight what should not be there.

Information enters your Quantum Hologram in many different ways and from many different sources. One of the most powerful influences on our Quantum Holograms is our emotions. For good or bad, our emotions are ever-present influences and cannot be ignored.

Placebos – sugar pills in place of the real pill – are used extensively in drug testing to test the true efficacy of pills with surprisingly effective results. Simply stated, a person given a placebo uses their emotions to effect a positive change in their Quantum Hologram. That positive change gets downloaded and they feel better. It’s not rocket science; it’s simple quantum mechanics. They have reset their own Holograms. This may be a surprise for a scientist locked in 3-dimensions, but it is common knowledge for quantum physicists used to dealing in multi-dimensions.

We all have this ability to change our Quantum Holograms through our emotions. If we are not open to healing, we can block an outside intervention. We can refuse to accept a healthy change in our holograms and reset it to a previous unhealthy condition. This is why all our clients are tested to make certain they are open to Quantum Holographic Healing™. 

 These are the details we look for in your Quantum Hologram:

The medicine covered by our health insurance is 3-dimensional medicine. Let’s give it a name, make a drug out of chemicals mostly derived from oil, and tell the people we’re curing them when we’re only masking their symptoms just long enough to put them on another drug. An attitude like that just doesn’t work very well. It is based on greed and old-fashioned physics.

The human body is designed to heal. In a two-way communication with its Quantum Hologram, the body tries desperately to heal. Swallow a load of trans fats from junk food followed by a super-sized diet soda, and the channel between your body and your Hologram is clogged with back-and-forth healing information. And just when the healing process gets underway, you take an antacid for your stomach. Your stomach ph which needs to be at 1, jumps up to 5.4. Now there is no chance to absorb what few nutrients were in the junk food. The remnants will try to pass out as constipation or diarrhea, or get stored as fat in your body. That was some value, that meal.

Most people know what’s good for them; they just don’t do it.

We become that which we constantly suggest to ourselves: sick or healthy, happy or hopeless, dumb or brilliant. We want it easy, but you know sometimes it doesn’t come easy. We can take handfuls and handfuls of pills, but if we don’t re-pattern our Quantum Holograms, we are doomed to repeat what’s causing our ills.

Step through this doorway. Make use of the Quantum Hologram from which the Universe and you are both born and sustained. Order your own Health Profile.

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