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Samskaras may be blocking your healing

Samskaras (or sanskaras) are emotional energy patterns that we hold on to in response to events we experience. They are like a lens through which we see our experiences. It’s good to store positive samskaras as they enhance our daily lives.

Negative samskaras are extremely harmful to our wellbeing. They color our lives, keep us from healing both spiritually and physically. Everything one sees, hears, feels, or does has the potential to create a samskara. And the thing is, samskaras control our desires and actions. They need to be cleared if we are to ever get well in this life.

rom the quantum physics point of view, samskaras become part of our quantum holograph and therefore continue to manifest our bodies and lives.

In western medicine, a negative samskara is called a conversion reaction.

A conversion reaction is considered to be an unconscious protection against intolerable levels of anxiety. The anxiety is "converted" into symptoms in organs or parts of the body, and usually presents as sensory or motor neurologi­cal symptoms. These symptoms tend meet some need of the patient to provide "secondary gain" on an unconscious basis. Conversion of an intol­erable emotional anxiety into to a physical symptom allows you to concentrate on the physical pain instead of the emotional pain.

Now cover your ears because you may not want to hear this: the presence of a chronic illness can indicate that a conversion reaction is in play.


One of the sure signs of a conversion reaction in play is the frequency with which we talk about our illness. The illness is all we talk about, all we think about. The disease has so much of our attention that it is blocking out all other topics.  And all of a sudden we’re special. The spotlight is on us and our disease. We become the center of attention because we have a disease. We’re having our fifteen minutes of fame and it feels so wonderful. And we go from healer to healer saying we want to get better but what we really want is attention. We want to be the sick celebrity of the week.  But when we get close to healing, it’s as if we suddenly yell:  “NO! STOP!  If I got well I would be invisible again. OMG they’d stop loving me!”

I am not saying you don’t actually have the illness. It’s not a psychosomatic thing; you are not making it up. What I am saying is that there is a resistance to healing because of a conversion reaction, because of the negative samskara. The more you concentrate on an illness the stronger it becomes. That darn samskara is blocking everything.

The illness has become so much a part of who you are that your psyche believes you can’t live without it. The psyche will always defend the status quo, no matter how ill that status quo is. The psyche then becomes the biggest block to your healing. You have to change that dynamic. That samskara has to removed to become open to healing.

It takes energy to keep that negative samskara in place. Lots of energy.  Ever wonder why you are tired all the time? You’re fighting to hold on to what you think you are – a body with a list of symptoms – instead of who you are – a spirit with the capacity to heal. You don’t need the illness. You DON”T need the illness. YOU DO NOT need the illness. It is okay to let it go.

At some point you have to change your holograph. You have to stop focusing on the symptoms and start focusing on what life is like without them. You have to decide whether you want to continue walking around with your symptoms foremost on your mind, or do you want to let them all go. The payoff for keeping them foremost on your mind is continued distress. Your reward for letting them go will be to get your health back. And instead of being the one who is sick, you will become the one who is well.

The shift from what you are to who you are requires work – and a lot of it. It’s not easy like just swallowing a pill. Pills won’t release the negative samskara; pills won’t repattern your Quantum Holograph. Only the letting go work that you have to do can do this. Only you can do this. No one and nothing else can. Are you ready?

On a piece of paper in your own handwriting (not the computer) write down the name you’ve given your illness. Write down how long you’ve had it. Write down the symptoms and how they make you feel. Write down what the illness has kept you from doing. Take your time writing this. Make it complete. This is the last time you are going to do this. Scary, isn’t it. But your can do it. Go ahead, write it all down.

What you’re going to do now is to take that paper outside and burn it. You’re going to light it on fire and watch your illness and all that goes with it disappear in a puff of black smoke. But you need a witness, someone to be there when you burn it. There is so much more power in doing it with someone watching than in doing it alone.  The witness can be anyone, but there has to be a witness. Your best friend will do nicely, your significant other, your neighbor. Just burn that paper with someone watching and your samskara will go up with the smoke.

You are no longer defining your life by the most messed up part of your being. You are freeing yourself from it, letting it go.  You have let go of your symptoms. And instead of looking back, you are looking ahead symptom free. You have released them. Let them go. You’ve escaped from the cage of your illness. You have stepped outside that cage and outside that cage resides health. You’ve broken the bonds of that negative samskara and are ready to explore health.

I am not saying that by releasing a samskara you have stopped the conversion reacton and you will be finger-snapping magically healed of all your symptoms. What I am saying is that releasing the samskara will open the door to allow your healing – whether by allopathic medicine, an energetic intervention, or with a Quantum Holographic Healing.


Learning to let go is the gift your illness has given you. That experience is priceless. It may very well be the great lesson you have come into this life to learn.

You can go much, much deeper into the letting go process. You can learn to be happy again.

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