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Soul Retrieval - my gift to you from Spirit

In February of 2010, I participated in the world-wide clearing of all astral spirits on or near the planet earth. People call these spirits “walk-ins”. To have been able to assist in freeing these trapped souls was a life-changing event for me.

This clearing left those who had been infected with astral entities with continued feelings of emptiness and confusion.  The disruptive astral energies were forever gone, but there was no re-integration of their souls. This was left for each individual to arrange on their own through a process called Soul Retrieval.

There is more.

About 75% of us have experienced a physical and/or emotional trauma that requires soul retrieval. This could have happened during childhood because of physical or emotional abuse, or as a teenager, or anytime during our lifetime. The resultant dissociation between the aspects of ourselves can result in a lifetime of misery. Where there should be joy there is inexplicable discontent.  Where there should be wellness there is dis-ease.

In these cases, soul retrieval is a misnomer. What we’ve done is give away our power by letting another person change our reality by thought, words or actions. For example, one day in the third grade you did something and a friend called you stupid. That remark wounded you so deeply that you took it in and it changed your world. You left part of you behind. T
hese fragmentations are recorded in your energy field. 

You defrag your computer. Why not defrag your soul.

We all need help. This is your opportunity to defrag your soul. There is no charge for this. This is my gift to you from Spirit. This process was gratefully shown to me by guides, and I offer this service totally free as my contribution to Consciousness. A Soul Retrieval can be the reconciliation you are looking for.

I will need your current photo. That’s all. Just email it to me. Insert the photo in the email. I can do your retrieval from your photo.

Each individual soul is equally important to Consciousness. Your soul should be integrated in your body and not wandering fragmented somewhere. You and your soul need to support each other. Together you have important work to do.

Let me do this for you. Email your current photo. My spirit guides will do the rest.

Email your photo to me here:   

Re Autism: I would be remiss if I did not mention how important a Soul Retrieval can be for an autistic child. A Soul Retrieval will not cure them; however, it will make them more comfortable in their bodies and more willing to socialize.


Re Addictions: Whether the addiction is tobacco, alcohol, drugs, sex or whatever, the addiction is always driven by a fragmented soul.  A Soul Retrieval should be included in all rehab therapies.


Re PTSD: The trauma experienced by our Armed Forces personnel also results in fragmentation of the soul. If you have a family member or friend recently back from Iraq or Afghanistan, please email me their photo:  ed@TerrapinTherapy.com

This was my horoscope the day I posted this page:


Sympathy for Humanity

You may feel a connection with humankind today, which could lead you to philanthropic acts. Examining the challenges of the world may make you feel sympathetic and make you want to do something to make a difference. This is a noble aspiration that deserves your attention and follow-through. If each of us took the time to work toward a worthy goal, the world would certainly be a better place. Our thoughts alone contribute to the energetic balance of global thought, so when we make a connection between the way things are, the way they could be, and know that we can play a part in that change, we energetically encourage others to do the same. Today, as we make a step toward helping our fellow humans, we know that others around the world are doing the same thing.

There are as many ways to help as there are challenges in the world, so follow your intuition to choose what moves you the most. Each of us has our own talents and contributions to make in the world, and when we listen to our inner guidance, we know we are directing our energy into the best channels. Our energy offering may take the form of a financial donation or a contribution of our talents, time, or manual labor. However you choose to give, know that your contribution goes far beyond what you can see with your eyes. In following your sympathy to action today, you send positive ripples of energy out into the world.


This is my way of sending out positive ripples of energy.

"I slept like a log last night, like I hadn't slept in months. And I had the best day today" -- Kathy

"I love your websites and feel blessed to have found them and you!" -- Carol

"Big difference. Much calmer, more language, more compliant. I was thinking he seems much more 'together'. What an interesting term! Thank you so much." -- about an autistic 4year old

"I saw different ages of me coming together as if I was having a reunion with myself." -- Becky



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