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Quantum Therapy Vials
Therapy vials are a common tool in holistic energy medicine. Perhaps the ones most commonly in use are the Bach Flower Remedies. As their website proudly states: "Relieving stress and emotional imbalance in humans and animals for over 70 years"

The Bach Flower Remedies contain the actual substance. There are therapy vials of a different sort. They contain frequency information. I have over $10,000.00 invested in those therapy vials. As I used them, I found that some of them worked better than others. From a 3-dimesional perspective, they all tested alike. However, when I looked at them from a multi-dimensional perspective, I discovered a vast difference in their energy signatures.

My testing led me to the conclusion that some of those expensive vials lacked energetic coupling; they were disconnected from the earth’s wavefunction. And as such, they were only mildly therapeutic compared to an Earth Coupled Vial. This coupling is absolutely necessary, both when the vial is made and when it’s used in an active therapy.

One thing leads to another, and I found myself making my own vials. I began with a clue I first heard of at a seminar on the Greek island of Crete. That clue had to do with the necessity of capturing a prospective therapy’s complete hologram. Many experiments later, I found a way that is both strongly earth coupled and multi, multi-dimensional.  

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