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The Thyroid Explained

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Or you can read on as to why your thyroid might be your problem.


The thyroid is situated in the front of your throat. It controls how quickly the body uses energy, makes proteins, and how sensitive you are to hormones. The thyroid does so by producing its own hormone called Tetraiodotyrosine (T4) which is converted inside your cells into Triiodotyrosine (T3). It all seems simple enough, but a lot can go wrong.


One of the essential ingredients needed by the thyroid to produce T4 is iodine. And not just any iodine. The iodine in the American diet is mainly Sodium Iodide. It’s the wrong kind. What the thyroid needs is Potassium Iodide, the kind found in kelp and seaweed, and high quality supplements.


There are lots of things that can poison the thyroid, like mercury, chlorine, and fluoride. The estrogens in some birth control pills disrupt the conversion of T4 to the much needed inside-the-cell T3, as do the estrogen-mimicking chemicals so prevalent in our foods and environment.


Modern-day life has stacked the deck against a well-functioning thyroid. Many of us have:



Lacking Ambition

Poor Motivation

Low Energy


Cold Extremities

Cracking Skin

No half moons on nails

Hair Loss


Low Progesterone

Poor Memory

Poor Concentration


Personality Changes


It’s Worse in the Morning

To see the complete picture, let’s follow the thyroid trail from its beginning in the hypothalamus.


The hypothalamus is like the Central Processing (CPU) of the brain in that it regulates energy levels, body temperature, sleep/wake cycle, appetite, fluid intake, blood pressure, heart rate, sexual arousal, and a range of other activities including the thyroid. The hypothalamus senses when your body calls for thyroid activity and releases a substance called Thyroid Release Hormone (TRH) into the pituitary gland in the brain. The pituitary gland then releases a substance called Thyroid Stimulating Hormone (TSH) that travels to the pituitary and tells it to make more T4.


The process begins in the hypothalamus with TRH, travels to the pituitary for TSH, down to the pituitary for T4, and then finally into every cell where the T4 is converted into T3.


Let me repeat that: it all begins in the brain. If the hypothalamus has a low-grade bacterial of fungal infection, little or no TRH will be produced to start the cascade. If the pituitary has a low-grade bacterial or fungal infection there will be little or no TRH released, and that will stop the cascade.


In looking at thyroid issues, we need to consider those hypothalamus and pituitary issues. And these brain structures are also susceptible to impact and head-snapping injuries like those from a fall or an auto accident. It is not uncommon that after a whip-lash injury, a person may suddenly gain weight. Your QHH Thyroid Test will check to see that your hypothalamus and pituitary are free of infections and the effects of traumatic injury.


Let’s say all that’s fine and the thyroid is producing normal levels of T4. Since most of the T4 to T3 conversion occurs inside the cell where it is used, you may have a normal T4 circulating in your blood, but a low T3 inside your cell. There is no blood test that can see inside your cells and measure their T3. It’s not what’s floating around in your blood, but what’s happening inside your cell that counts.


That’s the beauty of the QHH Thyroid Test. It can see inside your cells.


Let’s take a look at what happens inside your cells. If your Membrane Potential is at or near the normal 70mv, T4 is drawn into your cells where it meets up with the Deiodinase Enzyme. If meets with a Type 1 or a Type 2 Deiodinase Enzyme, and if your cells have the necessary selenium cysteine, manganese, zinc and copper co-enzymes, the T4 will be converted to T3 and your cells become fully energized. If the T4 meets with a Type 3 Deiodinase Enzyme, then the T4 is converted to Reverse T3 and you suddenly have some of the classic symptoms of Hypothyroidism.

There isn’t much difference in the molecular structure between T4, T3, and Reverse T3. The difference is just one Iodine atom and that atom’s location. T4 has 4 Iodine:

Remove just one Iodine from the correct location and you have good T3:

Remove that one Iodine from the wrong location and you have useless Reverse T3.

Not many people are low in T4, so their blood tests look fine. But a large number of people are low in inside-the-cell T3, and many have useless Reverse T3 instead of the necessary plain T3.
The QHH Thyroid Test can identify the difference.


People who are low in T4 may have too much Thyroid Binding Globulin. Most T4 in the body is extra-thyroidal and circulates through the blood bound to Thyroid Binding Globulin (TBG). TBG is produced in the liver and its synthesis is increased by estrogens (like estrogen birth control pills and hormone replacement therapy) and chemicals that mimic estrogens (like food additives, most cosmetics, plasticizers).  If all your T4 is bound to TBG, it’s unavailable for cellular use, so that an increase in TBG leads to a decrease in available T4. The QHH Thyroid Test can identify how much T4 is bound to TBG and how much is available for cellular use.


Most common causes of thyroid malfunction are:

  • Mercury
  • Hypothalamus dysfunction
  • Pituitary dysfunction
  • Strong emotional states
  • Poor quality fish oil supplements
  • Chlorine and fluoride replacing iodine
  • Nerve pressure from whiplash
  • Prolonged intake of sugar
  • Overeating
  • Birth control pills, amphetamines, cortisone
  • Taking synthetic thyroid hormones
  • X-rays striking the thyroid
  • Lack of iodine in the diet
  • An imbalance in estrogen


If you do suspect hypothyroidism, or if you are being treated with thyroid hormone replacement therapy, our Quantum Holographic Healing Thyroid Test can pinpoint the cause of your thyroid malfunction and offer options for a more energetic life. The cost for this test is $39.95. You do not have to send a blood sample. As you know from reading the website, using Quantum Mechanics we are able to see directly into your cells using only the information on your order form.


Click to order: QHH Thyroid Test


If you are on thyroid hormone replacement therapy, the following chart will give you an indication of what to expect. The higher the T3, the better you are. And conversely, the higher the Reverse T3, the \lower your level of health.


In-the-Cell T4 to T3 Conversion ratio:

                T3     Reverse T3     

Armour              89%       11%

Naturethroid       82%       18%

Synthroid           51%       49%

Westhroid          28%       62%

Levothyroxine    12%        88%

Levoxyl              11%       89%

Eltroxin               8%        92%


If you are taking one of the above drugs, you may want to consider ordering a QHH Thyroid Test. Perhaps we can get at the root cause of your thyroid issue.

The bottom line is:

If you have any concerns at all

about your thyroid function,

Let’s test it.

Click to order: QHH Thyroid Test

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