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Membrane Potential: Is -70mV the Secret to Good Health?

There are an estimated 75-100 trillion cells in the human body. Laboratory studies have shown that there is a difference in the voltage between the inside of our cells and the outside of our cells. It is this voltage difference, this electrical potential that powers the biology of our lives.

Scientists call this the Membrane Potential. The membrane potential of healthy cells measures minus seventy millivolts (-70mV).

The membrane potential of diseased cells measures much less. For cancer cells to survive, they need to stay at about -15mV, Alzheimer’s brain cells stay at about -20mV. Bacteria measure about -25 mV, virus at about -17mV. The cholesterol in your arteries is -10mV. When you are depressed, your membrane potential is -30mV.

What would happen if you could maintain your cell membrane potential at -70mV?

  • Would you get cancer?
  • Would you get Alzheimer’s?
  • Would your depression lighten?
  • Would you feel happier?

The study of membrane potential is so new that no one knows for sure. But what molecular biophysicists do know for sure is that the membrane potential in healthy cells is -70mV, and in diseased cells it is always much lower. That information is good enough for me to make every effort to keep my membrane potential at a healthy -70mV (just in case).

I have found an easy way to keep myself at -70mV:

Reset my health hologram with a Quantum Holographic Healing.

I have been doing this for years for myself so that was no problem. The trouble was that out-of-the-blue an outside disturbance would knock me off kilter and I had to rerun the therapy.

   Betty White at age eighty-eight is as lively as ever.

   Her membrane potential tests to be -70mV.

    Paul McCartney at age sixty-eight is twenty years younger than Betty.

    Sir Paul is quoted as saying:
         "I can't remember most of my song lyrics anymore."

    His membrane potential tests to be -20mV.


Longevity, mental acuity, high levels of health and wellness all seem to equate with a membrane potential of -70mV. You can't get healthy and you can't expect to stay healthy unless your membrane potential is -70mV.

Here is how to keep yours at -70mV:

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